Wetterlings Scout Axe

One axe-manship

"I suppose there are few things more attractive to Scouts than the opportunity to use an axe." The Scout and his Axe (with a few comments on saws) by John Thurman, 1963.

The hatchet is one of the most useful tools to take into the great outdoors. It's also an incredibly dangerous one. Losing a digit, planting the axe into your foot, or smashing the back of the axe head into your face on an upswing, isn't a great way to start your trip. So, practise carefully in the garden before demonstrating your wood chopping skills to your impressed fellow campers. Here's a good link on how to handle a hatchet: Indefinitelywild.gizmo.com and another if you’re interested in how to gather, cut and store firewood campingcooks.com

The Wetterlings Scout Hatchet is based on the original American Scout Axe. Wetterlings is probably the oldest traditional axe manufacturer in the world. The forge is in Storvik, in the middle of Sweden. Each axe is hand forged from Swedish carbon alloy steel. The handle is made from American Hickory, which is considered to be the best wood for an axe handle. The axe head is painted forest green, and the end of the handle is lacquered in red, just as the original scout axe was.

This hatchet is light and small enough to be carried attached to your vintage army rucksack, for that added rugged "campsite cool."














Category: Tools

Country of Origin : Sweden

Brand/Make/Model: Wetterlings #174

Type: Scout Hatchet

Year: 1960s to date

Why: Simple, versatile camping hatchet.

Website: www.wetterlings.com

Photo: Jonathan West

Location: Donnington Barns