Friends of The Obsessive


Special thanks to the wonderfully talented and laid back team based in Bristol. Without whom, this site would simply not exist.

Ray Massey Photography

Ray is a big part of The Obsessive, his obsessive nature and love of high quality kit has influenced me since I was ten years old. His unmistakable style of photography has a richness and clarity to it that makes everything he shoots look wonderful.

Bryan Edmondson is a design soul mate. Everything Sea design produce has an ease of elegance and modernity. Bryan designed The Obsessive logo and luckily for us he used a font he’d been wanting to use for years but hadn’t found the right project to use it, until now.

"Eh up fella. Futura extra Bold... Designed by Paul Renner 1924 (Bauhaus) taking inspiration from geometric forms and experiments of design within the school. Extra bold is the only weight where you see the 'funky' flares of the descender such as the b letterform and has to be the most dramatic and expressive sans serif fonts which is instantly recognisable.”

This merry band of tech heads were always there at a time of need and most importantly they believed in The Obsessive from the very beginning.

Pat has been a part of the design team on The Obsessive from the start. He’s a talented digital designer who now also makes Gin from his restored ancient Chapel in Devon.

Jonathan Harper

Typographer polished presentations and designed the app/web logo.