Tizio Table Lamp

Have you seen the light?

A truly great Obsessive Object of Desire transcends time and fashion, is supremely functional, and an aesthetic delight. Richard Sapper’s Tizio Table Lamp is all those things, and so much more. The Obsessive’s desk would be naked without it. Every time it’s switched on, bathing the desk in light, I enjoy a moment of wonder as I think, “That’s clever."

The Tizio has no cumbersome cables or wires feeding the bulb with electricity; the frame itself acts as the conductor. It can be easily and precisely moved into any position, with its clever system of counterweights giving poise and balance. The lamp has two light intensities, achieved via a simple red rocker switch on its swivelling base.

The lamp is supremely elegant, as Richard Sapper’s design philosophy dictates that the technological function of a product should determine its appearance. The lamp’s arms are made from aluminium, with a strong matt-black, fibreglass-reinforced nylon coating. The red joints are snap-fastened, as opposed to being screwed together; so should the lamp take an unfortunate tumble, it’ll break up, rather than being smashed and bent. Then, with the ease of the snap fasteners, it can be put back together again.

The Tizio looks like it’s from the future, but was actually designed in 1971, and has been produced by Artemide since 1972. Its excellence has endured over five decades, creating design disciples as it goes.






Category: Lighting

Country of Origin : Italy

Brand/Make/Model: Artemide Tizio

Designer: Richard Sapper

Type: Table lamp

Year1972 to date

Why: Intelligently designed, aesthetically elegant table lamp. 

Website www.artemide.com