North Sea Clothing Submariner

Heroes, rogues and bikers

The Submariner is the most manly of jumpers. Made in England, from 100% British pure wool and testosterone, it's a seriously good bit of kit.

The original jumper was ordered by the War Office, and supplied to The British Royal Navy. It was designed to protect sailors from the harsh, freezing conditions out at sea. Submarine crews in particular favoured the jumpers as they patrolled the dangerous North Sea.

Submariners are a tough, roguish bunch, who have to survive in extreme conditions, inside cramped submarines, and on dangerous missions. Because of this, there was a relaxion of strict Navy discipline. The crews developed a confident bravado, allowing hygiene to slip and beards to grow. Indeed, the Commanders of the Royal Navy saw them as modern day pirates, which the crews loved. Even the German U Boat crews were allowed to be a rowdy, scruffy bunch, as the film Das Boot depicts.

The jumper was also adopted by pilots in the RAF, who chose them for exactly the same reason: they're very warm and comfortable. These chaps sported them under their Irvin flight jackets.

After WWII, the jumpers were readily available in army surplus stores, and became appreciated by the growing numbers of motor cycle enthusiasts roaring around England on their Triumphs and Nortons. Yet again, this jumper provided the best cold weather protection beneath a Belstaff jacket. 

Neil Starr, who is the founder of North Sea Clothing, once dealt in vintage clothing from London's Portobello market, supplying famous fashion brands with original examples of military clothing for their inspiration. He found that finding good quality, authentic versions of the jumper was becoming impossible, so he decided to produce his own.

The North Sea Clothing Submariner jumper uses identical specifications, as well as British wool, with the same drop shoulder and neck reinforcement as the Royal Navy original. The jumper is available in Ecru, Navy, Dark Grey and British Racing Green. 

For that tough, sea-dog nautical look, the jumper looks great when worn with either a duffle coat (Gloverall), or peacoat (The Real McCoy's).

Captain Haddock always wore a navy blue submariner, whatever the weather.














Category: Menswear

Country of Origin : UK

Designer: N/A

Brand/Make/Model: North Sea Clothing

Type: Submariner

Year: 1914 to date

Why: Extreme cold weather protection


Photography: Ray Massey

Location: Camden Park Studios