Snap-on 3/8 F936 rachet

The gentleman's tool

Snap-on tool vans for mechanics are like icecream vans to children, they drop everything and chase them when they appear.

When a gentleman racer friend tips you off about an object of desire for men who own and race expensive classic cars around circuits like Le Mans, Goodwood and Circuit des Remparts D'Angoulême, you know you have to pay attention.

The object of desire for these millionaire classic car racers is the Snap-on 3/8 F936 ratchet. This super tough, but elegantly functional tool, is designed with a small head that fits into those difficult-to-get-to tight spaces, making it the perfect size to work on classic machinery, but also small enough to slip into the pocket of your race suit. Within the head of the ratchet is the gear mechanism, which contains more broad low profile teeth than any other ratchet its size. These teeth fit perfectly together, making it more efficient to use and providing a better ‘feel’ when tightening a vintage nut.

Much to the annoyance of mechanics and racers, the 3/8 F936 has been deleted from the Snap-on range, so used values are rising for the tough little tool.

Speacial thanks to Bo Williams.


















Category: Tools

Country of Origin : USA

Designer: N/A

Brand/Make/Model: Snap-on

Type: 3/8 F936 Ratchet

Year: Deleted 2007

Why: Durability, strength and design


Photography: Bo Williams (owner)

Location: Bo’s garden