Pankhurst Moulding Cream

Barber club

Brent Pankhurst is patiently building a barbering empire, from the comfort of his Bentley leather-covered Belmont chairs. 

The Obsessive first met Pankhurst over ten years ago, when he opened his barber's on the mezzanine floor at the Dunhill store on Jermyn St. He's moved locations around the West End of London, building his unique, masculine brand of barber's, and cohorts of immaculately dressed and well-connected men have followed him.

A few years ago, he opened Pankhurst Barbershop on Newburgh St. The Barbershop has a modern day gentleman's club feel to it. Whilst you wait for your perfect haircut, you relax in the Johnnie Walker whisky lounge, with a glass of their fine whisky, listening to the Naim HiFi. It's an oasis of calm, away from the hectic world outside.

All Pankhurst products are excellent, but the signature product for The Obsessive is the Moulding Cream. Its hold is firm, but not stiff, and it's not gloss or matt. It's understated, smells nice and washes out easily. It makes you look like a member of the well-groomed club.










Category: Grooming

Country of Origin : UK

Brand/Make/Model: Pankhurst

Creator: Brent Pankhurst

Type: Moulding Cream

Why: Perfect for short hair.