Monmouth Coffee

When you drink it, you can feel it

It’s a strange feeling, being photographed by amused French and Italian tourists, as you queue outside this tiny Covent Garden coffee shop. To Europeans, and particularly the Italians, good coffee is a human right. 

The Obsessive loves that the good people at Monmouth Coffee are obsessive about coffee. This obsessive behaviour influences everything that they do, from how they do business with suppliers from single farms, estates and cooperatives; to the way their staff talk knowledgeably and enthusiastically about the coffee. They roast their coffee with direct flame roasters, which give the coffee a far superior taste.

Espresso, for me, is the only way to drink coffee; it’s simple. Their expresso has a smooth, heavy-toned, full-bodied flavour, with a touch of sweetness; and you physically feel the effect of it, which is why it’s so good.

Their current blend (it changes, according to crops and flavours) is Fazenda Florets (Brazil) as the base of the espresso, with Lo Mejor de Huila (Columbia) for the high notes and complexity, and Finca Las Nubes (Guatemala) for its cocoa character.

It’s coffee worth queuing for.



Category: Coffee

Country of Origin : Various

Brand/Make/Model: Monmouth Espresso

Designer: N/A

Type: Espresso

Year1978 to date

Why:  Genuine passion and excellence in coffee.