M1909 Swedish Army Field Coat

The Swedes know cold

They have to: the weather conditions in Sweden are deadly serious. Living in a country with such extreme weather, the Swedes need well-made, durable items that they can depend on.

The original Saabs and Volvos are testament to the Swedish obsession with quality. If a product can survive in Sweden, it’ll survive anywhere. So, when the Swedish Government decides it needs a coat for its army, it's going to be a great coat: the M1909 is that coat.

Sourced from various suppliers, the main one being Mats Larsson from the Malung region, the M1909 is manufactured to an exacting specification, with each coat stamped with the Swedish Army three crown seal of approval on the hem.

The M1909 is a garment that can literally stand up on its own: it’s a really heavy coat. It has a durable canvas top layer, with a double stitched lining of sheepskin. The collars are also lined, and are so large and high that the wearer almost disappears behind them.

Originally made for WWII, but in production well into the 60s, it is still possible to find these amazing coats in excellent condition. The M1909 has cavernous, rucksack-like pockets which cater for all your survival needs. It's a snug fit, and as you button it up, you naturally stand to attention; yet all the while, they’re easy to move about in.

When you’re wearing an M1909, people stop and stare: it’s an intimidating piece of kit. The Swedes call them Livpäls, and they are indeed a coat for life.




Category: Military Coats

Country of Origin : Sweden

Brand/Make/Model: Various manufacturers: Mats Larsson & Örebro

Designer: N/A

Type: Swedish Army Field Coat

YearWWII to 1960s

Why:  Warm, tough military coat that looks cool.

Website: N/A