Le Pentole Spaghetti Set

Al dente

Designed by the Italian Niki Sala in 1979 for Studio Progettazione ICM, Le Pentole pans are of such a high quality that they're virtually indestructible. These pans are amazing to cook with, and beautiful too.

Le Pentole cookware is manufactured in Italy by MORI to very exacting standards. They are constructed from three layers of metal: stainless steel, copper and silver alloy.

The pans' bases are extra thick, and can take any heat, possibly even re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere from outer space. The mirror and satin finish compliments the subtle robustness of the design; and the heavy lids and rim shape create a tight fit that ensures no steam escapes, whilst being easy to lift and remove. Their design also enables the pans to be stacked in tiers for steaming. The handles are ergonomically simple, and will never let you down.

These pans are so good they come with a 25 year guarantee.

The spaghetti set is our favourite of the Le Pentole range, as it's perfect for feeding a large family, or a dinner party. The set comes in three parts: the pan, the basket, and the lid.  It's simple to use, and allows the cook to lift the pasta in the basket out of the boiling water to check for al dente.



















Category: Cookware

Country of Origin : Italy

Designer: Niki Sala

Brand/Make/ModelLe Pentole

Type: Spaghetti set

Year: 1979 to date

Why: Beautiful form and function cookware that will last a lifetime.

Website: morinox.com

Photography: Ray Massey

Location: Camden Park Studios