Joseph Rodgers British Army Knife

The naked knife

The Joseph Rodgers stainless steel British Army Knife is made to the exacting requirements of the British Ministry of Defence, and to NATO Stock No: 7340 99 975 7403. 

This tough, raw tool is purely functional; it doesn’t even have a covered handle, proudly displaying its makers rivets instead. The MOD describe it as a general purpose clasp knife for cutting, tin-opening and rigging tasks. It also has an integrated screw driver. 

Based in Sheffield, traditional steel heartland of England, the brand Joseph Rodgers has an amazing history. No one seems to be sure when Joseph actually started as a cutler and maker of pocket knives, but his sons, Maurice and Joseph, inherited the business in 1730. The company went on to become one of the biggest cutlers in the world, and were appointed Royal Cutler to five successive sovereigns: George IV, William IV, Queen Victoria, Edward II and George V. The brand has been owned by the Egginton Group since 1986.

This tough tool has a sheepsfoot blade, which means it has a straight sharp edge, and a straight dull back edge that curves towards the cutting edge at the end. The dull edge can be safely held by fingers, if need be. The sheepsfoot blade was originally used for trimming sheep hooves and bears no resemblance to the foot of a sheep. It is also virtually impossible to stab anyone, or yourself, with this blade.

The marlinspike isn’t for removing stones from horses hooves–it’s a tool used in rope work, originally maritime rope work. It’s employed as a lever to open the strands when forming eyes, or inserting items into the lay of the rope. It can untie knots.  There’s a large, long-billed fish that owes its name to the marlinspike.

The tin opener opens tins, and the screwdriver is a screwdriver. There is a shackle on the end of the handle, so you can attach your plaited paracord lanyard.

The knife only asks that you oil its joints, and it will perform its duties forever. One day your grandchildren will find it in your tool bag and think, “That’s handy, I’ll have that.”





Category: Pocket Knife/Tool

Country of Origin : UK

Brand/Make/Model: Joseph Rodgers 3 piece army clasp knife

Designer: Unknown

Type: Army utility knife

Year1952 - To date

Why:  Robust utility knife, that has become a design classic

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Retailer UK: