Falcon Enamelware

Camp cuppa

Falcon Enamelware is a British icon; it's bacon and eggs, strawberries and cream, striped deck chairs, knotted hankies on head, warm beer, picnics, summer fêtes, baking and queuing. It's a nostalgic throwback to a British utopia found on advertising posters exhorting day trippers to take the train to Brighton. Tea drunk from a Falcon Enamelware mug is a proper cuppa.

Falcon Enamelware was first launched in the 1920s. It's made by fusing porcelain to heavy-gauge steel. This makes it very durable, super smooth and chemical resistant. It won't break if dropped, but it will chip, revealing the steel beneath. However, should this occur, the steel oxidises allowing for continued use. Falcon Enamelware looks cool chipped too. 

It's instantly recognisable with its simple, brilliant white porcelain and distinctive navy blue rim. It's not expensive, and is perfect for camping trips.


















Category: Crockery

Country of Origin : UK

Designer: N/A

Brand/Make/Model: Falcon

Type: Enamelware

Year: 1920s to date

Why: British icon of simplicity 

Website: falconenamelware.com

Photography: Jonathan West

Location: Donnington Barn