Dunhill Weekend Bag

Weekend away

Dunhill is the quintessentially English brand for gentlemen on the move. Whether they're breaking land speed records, exploring the world or just going for a cheeky weekend away.

Arriving in style is essential. At the core of the Dunhill brand is the gentleman motorist, and retrieving one of their fine weekend bags from the boot (trunk) of your car is very satisfying. 

When Alfred Dunhill inherited his father's saddlery business in 1893, he quickly moved from harnesses to high quality motoring accessories, creating the brand Dunhill Motorites.

Dunhill soon offered every accessory a discerning Edwardian gentleman would ever need, from smoking accoutrements, to wolf fur coats. Because of the attention to detail and quality of its products, Dunhill became a subtly glamorous brand. Nick Foulkes wrote Dunhill by design a very English story which is the definitive book on Dunhill, and is as equally pleasurable to own as any Dunhill item.

Dunhill's tradition of quality continues today with their leather goods, which are still made by hand in their factory in Walthamstow, North East London. Having such a facility also enables them to produce to order any item.

The weekend bag featured above is made from the finest English bridle leather. The leather has been tanned with copious fats and oils in order to waterproof it. This means that the bags occasionally produce a whiteness on their surface which is known as a "bloom". This "bloom" can be gently removed with the brush stored in the soft, chamois leather satchel care kit, that accompanies the bag. These beautiful objects deserve and require love and attention.

Dunhill's bags are of such a high quality that your grandchildren will one day be using them for their own cheeky weekends away.



















Category: Luggage

Country of Origin : UK (Walthamstow London)

Designer: Dunhill

Brand/Make/Model: Dunhill Weekend Bag

Type: English bridle leather 

Year: 1893 to date

Why: Exceptionally high quality, hand made British leather bags that become heirlooms.

Website: Dunhill.com

Photo: Ray Massey

Location: Camden Park Studios

Film: Made in Walthamstow

Film: Traditional Double Document Case