Dunhill Rollagas Lighter

The Rolls Royce of lighters

Dunhill excels at luxury and elegance; their accessories are a delight to own and to use. It's the dedication to luxury that won't let you down that sets Dunhill apart from the rest, and is at the core of their brand.

The Dunhill Rollagas was introduced in 1953 in limited numbers, and launched in 1956, when the patent had been granted. The Rollagas was designed by Conrad Zellweger, and manufactured by La Nationale in Switzerland. Zellweger's designs for the filling valve, burner system and flame adjuster are still used today; it's the engineering that has gone into the Rollagas that allows the lighter to be elegant, and satisfying to use. That's partly why it's so expensive.

The exterior design of the Rollagas is simple, functional and, with its concealed hinge (introduced in 1971), instantly recognisable. Yet, strangely, the look of the lighter is not patented.

Initially only available in gold or silver plate, the Rollagas is available in various distinctive finishes on the body of the lighter, such as Florentine, Engine Turned, Barley-Corn, Hobnail, Diamond and, as shown above, Weave.

The Rollagas lighter delivers a little experience of luxury with every turn of the roller.


















Category: Lighter

Country of Origin : UK/Switzerland

Designer: Dunhill/Conrad Zellweger

Brand/Make/Model: Dunhill

Type: Rollagas

Year: 1953/56 to date

Why: Beautifully engineered luxury

Website: N/A

Photography: Ray Massey

Location: Camden Park Studios