Vintage Royal Navy Duffle Bag

Sea sack


If you're off on an adventure and need to pack a lot of kit, this is the bag for you. So vast is it, you'd think Hermione Granger had cast one of her Undetectable Extension Charms on it. It's a bottomless pit of a bag.

Vintage Royal Navy Duffle Bag lovingly restored by Wynnchester

Vintage Royal Navy Duffle Bag lovingly restored by Wynnchester

The name 'Duffle' comes from the Belgium town from which the original heavy cloth used to make the bags originated. A duffle or kit bag is a large cylindrical bag, with a drawstring opening. Predominantly used by military personnel, the bags became famous for their ability to pack everything into them, including in WWI your worries.

The team at Wynnchester source these huge bags (90cm x 33cm, 110L capacity) and lovingly restore them.

The bags have a heavy, double-skinned base, thick strong stitched seams and two tough webbing handles. All the stitching is checked and repaired, if necessary, before the canvas is refurbished by hand with a special mix of beeswax, natural flax and plant oils. This treatment ensures a second serviceable life , and also gives the bags a wondrous brown patina.

Perfect for throwing in the back of the Land Rover for your next adventure.

















Category: Outdoors Kit

Country of Origin : UK

Designer: N/A

Brand/Make/ModelRoyal Navy

Type: Duffle bag

Year: N/A

Why: Huge kit bag


Photography: Jonathan West

Location: Donnington Barn