Cohiba Robustos

Like baby bear's porridge: just right

The Cohiba Robustos is pretty much perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re in a contemplative mood, like Che Guevara, "A smoke in times of rest is a great companion to the solitary soldier,” or standing outside in your black tie at an awards dinner, with all the other cigar smokers.

Robustos is an appropriate name for this strong, robust and sturdy cigar. The cigar is the result of a London banker in a hurry. Leopold de Rothschild loved smoking cigars, but not the length of time it took to smoke them. So, in 1880 he commissioned Hoyo de Monterrey to produce a cigar with a large girth but short length. A Robustos is a cigar with a 48 to 50 ring gauge, measuring about 5 inches in length.

The Cohiba brand did not exist in pre-revolutionary Cuba. Fidel Castro’s body guard Bienvenido Pérez (Chicho) gave him a cigar rolled by his friend and torcedor (skilled artisan cigar maker) Eduardo Rivera. Castro liked the cigar so much he ordered more.

In 1964 a small factory was set up in an old country club to make a limited amount of cigars. These cigars would be given to VIPs, or used as diplomatic gifts. The cigars were unbranded, instead wearing bands bearing the name of the recipient or organisation they were gifted to. Then, in 1966, Celia Sanchez named the cigars Cohiba, which was the Taíno (sub-group of the Arawaken Indians of the Caribbean) name for tobacco rolled into a log and smoked.

As well as producing fine cigars, these Cuban communists really knew how to build an iconic brand too. Part of the attraction of Cohiba is the distinctive black, gold and white design of the logo and packaging. With the cameo of the head of a Taíno Indian, it’s instantly recognisable, and tells everyone immediately that you are smoking a premium cigar that costs 30% to 50% more than other premium cigars.

Cohiba is the only brand for which the tobacco goes through the “third fermentation”. A minimum of 5 years of cigar ageing is recommended to gain the complex flavours of the tobacco.

Cohiba introduced their Robustos in 1989, and they gained popularity through the 90s. They have a rich bean flavour, blended with a medium honey-sweetness, and the signature Cohiba grassy note; making them taste just right.







Category: Cigars

Country of Origin : Cuba

Brand/Make/Model: Cohiba Robustos

Designer: N/A

Type: 5 inch cigar

Year1989 to date

Why: Cuban revolutionary cigar of premium quality, that doesn't take hours to smoke.