Billingham Hadley Eventer Bag

If Dr Who had a bag, it would be this one

The Billingham bag is the Tardis of bags. It’s amazing the amount of kit you can get into one.

The quick-release buckles allow you to adjust the capacity to cavernous proportions. It has a padded protective insert designed to take care of valuable cameras and lenses, which of course is perfect for the MacBook Air-toting generation.

The bellows pockets on the front almost double in size when you unfasten the brass press-stud. The studs are perfect; they snap shut and open every time without any fiddling or fussing.

The limpet-like shoulder pad has the ability to actually stay on your shoulder in almost any position you find yourself in; it’s adhesive. The bag is ergonomically perfect; once slung over your shoulder or across your chest, everything in the bag is retrievable with one hand. 

After you’ve lived with one of these bags for a while, you cease to notice just how good they are, because you take their perfection for granted.



Category: Luggage

Country of Origin : England

Brand/Make/Model: Billingham Hadley

Designer: English Bloke 

Type: Photographer's Bag

Year1975 to date 

Why: Tough, functional, dependable, beautifully made, and made to last.