Bialetti Espress Moka

Instant coffee

The Bialetti Moka Espress coffee maker hasn't changed since Alfonso Bialetti (grandfather of Alberto Alessi) designed it in 1933, having been inspired, apparently, by washing machines that had a boiler base and top tub. Its simple form and function have given it iconic status, and global recognition. It's really easy to use, and makes great coffee quickly; plus, with its stylish good looks, it can be easily taken from stove top to table.

Constructed from aluminium in order to transmit and retain heat, the Bialetti breaks down into three main parts: the base boiler, the coffee basket and the upper pot (with spout) to hold the coffee. The aluminium should be thoroughly rinsed with detergent free water after every use, as this allows the porous aluminium to season with the flavour of coffee.

Its ingenious method of super boiling the water, so that it rises up through the basket of coffee to the upper pot, is simple and effective, and allowed quality espresso to be made at home.

The Bialetti comes in various cup sizes. It's also portable: The Obsessive always travels with one when camping at Le Mans. There's nothing quite like drinking hot, fresh coffee in the morning, whilst watching LMP1s and GTs thunder past.



















Category: Kitchen

Country of Origin : Italy

Designer: Alfonso Bialetti

Brand/Make/Model: Bialetti Espress Moka

Type: Stove top coffee maker

Year: 1933 to date

Why: Iconic design that brought quality espresso to the people, quickly.


Photo: Jonathan West

Location: Donnington Barns