Rolex Deep Sea

A watch is a deep personal statement

The Obsessive loves watches: classic watches, and watches with good stories. Watches are the only jewellery a modern man can wear; so choosing a watch requires important consideration, as we’re likely to be wearing it for a very long time, and possibly passing it on to our children. We tell ourselves this to justify the purchase, but as now we’ve got, we know we can always trade up or sell it if we’re in a financial spot of bother.

A watch is a deeply personal statement. We move through watches as we age and we recognise periods of our lives by the watch we were wearing at the time. Like your first car, you always remember your first watch.

I think watches choose us in the same way as Ollivanders’ magic wands.  All my watch purchasing has been impromptu immediate gratification: there’s something about them that just makes you want them. However, being obsessive means that we’ve always got a shortlist of watches we’d like to own and we’ve almost continuously got an eye out for the next watch.

The Rolex Deep Sea caught me off guard at our regular pilgrimage to Le Mans in 2014. We went into the Rolex shop at the circuit to look at the Daytona, but they only had the Winner’s one in stock. The elegant and exceptionally skilful Parisian sales woman then presented us with the Deep Sea. My dear friend and fellow obsessive, Adrian, bought it immediately. But, it had cast a spell on me too.

The Deep Sea is only 44mm in diameter but it’s thick at 17.7 mm. It functions perfectly at a depth of 3900m below the sea. So, it’s a big watch, but its outstanding performance credentials justify its size. It’s not big for fashion, it’s big for form and function. It is an amazing piece of apparatus that only Rolex could make. I suspect they made it to prove a point too. It’s actually a very sophisticated yet subtle, statement of technical excellence by Rolex.



Category: Horology

Country of Origin Switzerland

Brand/Make/ModelRolex Deep Sea Ref 116660

Type: Divers watch

Year2008 to date

Why:  Its proven performance to a depth of 3900m