Rimowa Topas

If you have to get on a plane, get on with one of these

Even though this design is from the Jet Age of the 50s, it still looks ultra modern. It was originally conceived by Richard Morszeck, the son of Rimowa’s founder. The case was designed to withstand extreme humidity, tropical heat and Arctic cold. The distinctive ridges in the aluminium case create the strength yet keep the case lightweight. 

Porsche use Rimowa as its luggage supplier, and the special range to fit older 911s is much sort after by collectors. These cases have had a bit of a renaissance lately, as more and more business people have to globe trot around the world. They’ve also become a favourite of the travelling fashionistas. As a design they also force their owner to pack efficiently; there’s no squeezing too much into one of these cases. 

The Topas case quietly states, “I’ve arrived, and I mean business.”



Category: Luggage

Country of Origin Germany

Brand/Make/Model: Rimowa

Designer: Richard Morszeck (1901-91

Type: Aluminium & Magnesium Case

Year1950 to date

Why:  Design classic. Strong, lightweight and durable. The older they get, the better they look.

Website: www.rimowa.com