Il Bussetto

Leather goods to dye for

Here at The Obsessive we have a profound love of leather goods. My late grandfather was the Master Leather Craftsman of Harrods, back in the days when they had their own workshop across the Brompton Road from the great shop itself. He made the Queen's luggage, and my cowboy holsters.

Il Bussetto appropriately takes its name from the traditional tool for polishing leather. They use only the finest bovine leather from European farms and then use a vegetable tanning process consisting of natural tannins extracted from plants. The whole process is environmentally-friendly.

Il Bussetto then use an old Tuscan technique of stretching the wet leather over wooden forms to create their tactile seamless items. Then, each and every piece is hand painted and polished to perfection. This makes an Il Bussetto item totally unique; and because of this process, their products age beautifully and develop a wonderful patina.

Their products remind me of the few items I have that my Grandfather made. They're of a high quality with a simple functional aesthetic. 



Category: Accessories

Country of Origin : Italy

Brand/Make/Model: Il Bussetto

Designer: N/A

Type: Leather Goods

Year2004 to date

Why:  Beautifully hand-crafted, quality Italian leather products.