Cup for life

The Duodji is the traditional cup of the Sami people from Lappland. These beautiful cups are hand-carved from the burl of a birch tree. They have a natural aesthetic that only handmade craft objects can achieve. They're also exceedingly tactile, and practical too. 

Each cup is as unique as the burl that it's carved from. The Lapps carve their own, adding their personal style to each one. To prevent cracking, the cups are never washed with detergent, but simply rinsed in water and dried with a cloth.

The Lapps wear them hanging from belts, or attached to their rucksacks with a leather lanyard.

The Duoji is essential for any adventure in the great outdoors, and should last a lifetime.


















Category: Outdoors kit

Country of Origin : Lappland

Brand/Make/Model: N/A

Type: Wooden cup

Year: N/A

Why: Traditionally handmade wooden cups, for adventures in the great outdoors. 

Photo: Jonathan West

Location: Donnington Barns