Creed Irish Tweed Fragrance

A signature fragrance for the discerning nose

Our sense of smell and the effect it has upon us is profound; we make judgements based on smell. Estate Agents know this, often deploying their baking bread or fresh coffee aroma tricks to entice purchasers to a property. Our memory harddrive of scents mean we can be instantly transported back in time to a place or a person with the slightest whiff. This is why it’s important to always smell great. 

Green Irish Tweed is a wonderful blend of floral, green and woody notes and is Creed’s best-selling fragrance. It is expensive, but that’s because it’s made by hand, using only the finest natural essences. There are no industrially manufactured essences in a Creed fragrance. All you need is a small amount sprayed onto each side of the neck to smell memorable. 

Creed is still a family business, having been passed from father to son since 1760. Creed really is the smell of old money.



Category: Male Grooming

Country of Origin : France

Brand/Make/Model: Creed Green Irish Tweed (1995)

Designer: Olivier Creed 

Type: After Shave

Year1760 to date

Why:  A classic male fragrance, made by hand from the highest quality natural essences.