Connolly's Driving Gloves

The two fingered salute

A very British gesture of defiance has been beautifully crafted into Connolly's driving gloves. The ‘V’ sign is only used in the British Isles and its ex-colonies, although Steve McQueen did use the gesture in the film 'Le Mans'.

Sadly, it is a myth that the ‘V’ sign dates back to the Battle of Agincourt, when English Longbowmen taunted the French by showing them their two fingers as an insult because they hadn't been captured and had them chopped off. It's still a great story and, none the less, the ‘V’ sign remains a wonderfully subtle non-verbal way of making your feelings known without the harshness of the single finger.

Connolly's gloves are made from soft deerskin and lovingly hand-stitched in Italy. The gloves are unlined and the seams are external, ensuring a smooth internal surface for maximum road feel through the steering wheel. The open knuckles and wrists of the driving gloves are designed to aid removal in the event of a fire, as leather shrinks in extreme heat.

If, whilst driving, you suffer a bout of road rage, giving the ‘V’ sign in these gloves with a strongly blown raspberry not only insults your victim, but is also likely to entertain them and defuse the situation, or possibly not.


















Category: Men's accessories

Country of Origin : UK/Italy

Designer: Connolly London

Brand/Make/Model: Connolly

Type: “Road Rage" driving gloves

Year: Current

Why: Beautifully made rudeness.


Photography: Jonathan Campbell

Location: Connolly