Anderson's Belt

Embrace colour

Most men live in a colour palette of black, blue, grey, white and brown. These exquisite belts bring a Mediterranean splash of colour to anything you wear. The Anderson's multicolour stretch belt is available in around 60 different colour combinations.

The founder of the company, a Mr Carlo Valenti, had a love of English tailored suits by Anderson and Sheppard, so he simply called the company Anderson’s. The supple leather is vegetable-dyed, using slow tannage, and all the belts are hand-woven. 

The company is still family-owned; which, for The Obsessive, adds yet another reason to love these belts. Oh, and after a large lunch, no one will notice that you’ve loosened your belt.









Category: Accessories

Country of Origin : Italy

Brand/Make/Model: Anderson's woven belt

Designer: N/A

Type: Woven belt made from natural fabrics

Year1966 to date

Why: Beautifully made belts